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Crypto Taler, Crypto Taler (TLER, TLR), is the first local, Belarusian cryptocurrency.

Taler is based on blocking technology and Lyra2z algorithm, that is, distributed decentralized crypto currency, which does not have a single emission center and centralized management.
Emission ..................................................... 23 333 333 coins
PoW algorithm .......................................... Lyra2z
Mining Hardware ...................................... CPU, GPU
Block Time ................................................. 5 min
Block Reward ............................................. 50 coins
Halving reward .......................................... OK
Difficulty correction ................................. each block
Мануал по установке кошелька и настройке майнера: https://talercoin.by/koshelyok
*PreMain is gradually dispensed as the starting working capital business ready to accept the coin as payment for their goods and services. All business partners will be added to the Ecosystem Taler. The list of available sites and will be continually updated.
The viability, the integrity of the system Taler, transactions within the system and issue of new coins provided by computer network users Taler. Taler is the money of the new time, but also is a non-profit project in the sense that its creators did not receive direct personal benefit. The creators of the system Taler oriented the cryptocurrency on its use by individuals, as well as Belarusian small and medium businesses.
Welcome the Bitcoin community and Bitcointalk audience! Finally! We did it - launched in the Belarusian cryptocurrency, which we call Taler. Named in honor of the monetary units that circulated in the old Belarusian lands in the "Golden age" of our country - in times of the Grand Duchy and the Commonwealth.
We have created the first in Belarus independent cryptocurrency. Which is able to attract investment capital inflows into the country, thus it will help to develop the private and public business. Introducing instant and virtually free transaction - will facilitate the collection of funds for educational and social programs.
Belarus legalized cryptocurrencies and mining taxes.
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko 21.12.2017 signed a decree "On the development of the digital economy", the key idea of which is the legalization and support of transactions with cryptocurrencies and mining and blockchain technology at the state level.
The decree permits free crypto-currency trading and its usage in everyday life in Belarus. Individuals will be able to store, exchange, buy, give, bequeath, mine, and exchange for Fiat currency and cryptocurrency tokens. It is thus determined that mining, buying and selling of tokens is carried out by physical persons, not related to business activities. To declare cryptocurrencies and income from operations Belarusians also will not have to.Entities will be able to produce their own tokens through resident companies of the Belarusian Park of high technologies, i.e., to hold the ICO campaign in Belarus, it is enough to find a partner who is a resident of the HTP. Company registration in the country is not required. They will also be able to buy and sell the tokens through a cryptocurrency exchange.
In addition to issues of cryptocurrencies in the decree highlights the provisions that should simplify the work of IT sector in the country. So, the HTP resident-companies are allowed to employ foreign nationals without permission, and the founders and employees of Park residents will be able to enter Belarus without visas. The document establishes a number of tax benefits for the IT company, free from duties the company, which represent promotional opportunities for HTP residents that are expected to facilitate collaboration with Google, Facebook and other companies. To become a resident of HTP, according to the decree, will be able companies involved in training networks, the development of artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency and mining, as well as online advertising and e-sports. HTP resident-companies will be able to perform the following actions associated with the turnover of the token and crypto-currencies:
● to Provide services for organization and holding of the ICO, including promotion and advertising;
● to Organize the crypto currency exchange;
● to Organize cryptogenic;
● Mine;
● to Act as investment funds;
● to Conduct their own ICO.
Over the next five years — until January 1, 2023, in many operations with tokens will not have to pay taxes. So, will not need to pay VAT on the transfer of rights to tokens to other persons (including foreign organizations), income tax when you exchange one token to the other is also not payable. Revenue from exchange are also exempt from taxes. In addition, income of individuals from realization of the permitted operations on the tokens is not subject to income tax from natural persons. The HTP residents are also entitled to the use of smart contracts.
The first task is to form around the system "Taler" community, which, in turn, will promote Taler in all spheres of life of Belarusians. Implementation of the Taler in our everyday lives through supported private business loyalty system. In a sense it can be called "mining consumer" because through consumption customers can get award coins Taler. And the more people, the more businesses that connect to the "Taler".And the greater the demand for dollars, because the businesses use the money for charge customers, the higher the rate of the Taler. In turn, the higher the rate, the more the consumer seeks to use the services of those businesses, which he credited talers. So Taler can be a real driver of consumption.
Ecosystem Taler:
🔗 http://taler.site website creators, Taler, official
🔗https://talercoin.by - community Manager, Navigator resources Taler
🔗https://talercoin.by Forum
🔎the Explorer, blockchain, transaction viewer, wallets network: http://taler-explorer.online
💻Pools Taler - minim here:
📈Exchange Buy/sell Talers for the cryptocurrency: Taler-EX https://taler-ex.online Crex24 https://crex24.com/ru/exchange/TLR-BTC Btc-trade https://btc-trade.com.ua/ Uralc P2P https://uralc.pro/exchange/10
👥Community and support:
💬http://t.me/TalerOfChat - online community Taler. Discussion of coins, the members of the network. A group where you will meet the developers and creators of the Taler. 💠https://t.me/MinerAltCoin - info about the coin, the news aggregator. 💵https://t.me/TLRBusiness channel for the implementation of business Taler. 💵http://t.me/TLRobmen channel for the exchange/selling of goods for the Money. 🔧https://t.me/MinerTalerChat- responsive miners Taler always tell you how to set up the equipment for mining.
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